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Oilgear is dedicated to helping you keep your systems and equipment running as efficiently as possible.  To support this goal, we offer Aftermarket services to cover all areas of assistance, Service, Repair, Retrofits, Upgrades, and Training.  Our Customer Support Center is staffed with trained professionals to answer your questions, arrange repair returns, process parts orders and schedule field services.  Oilgear has been working with industry around the world for almost 90 years; let us help you succeed.

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C Pump

C Pumps

> 3000 PSI Pressure
> Smooth, Quiet, High Speed Operation
> 21 Pump Sizes
> Long Service Life

D Pump

D Pumps

> 3500 PSI Pressure
> 2 Displacements
> 21 Pump Sizes
> Long Service Life

PVK Pump

PVK / PFK Pumps

> 5800 PSI Pressure
> 3 Displacements from 8.61 to 22.4 in^3 / rev.
> Rated 1800 rpm
> SAE "D" & "F" 4 Bolt Flange Mounting Configurations

PVL Pump


> Replaceable Port Plate
> Thru Driveshaft
> High Pressure Ports
> Over 20 Different Sizes


PVWH Pumps

> 5000 PSI pressure
> 10 displacements from 0.66 to 7.94 in^3 / rev.
> Less than 80 dBa at all pressure ranges
> Durable Hard on Hard Technology

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오일기어는 정식 규격으로서 ISO 9001:2000 및 ASME, ANSI, JIC, NFPA, OSHA, (CE)규격에 준하여 설계 및 생산이 이루어지고 있습니다.

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